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iPhone Repair Kansas City

iRepair Kansas City repairs all of your mobile devices, especially Apple products. We have expertise in a wide variety of issues on iPhones, iPads and iPods including:

All our Apple repairs are done in-house and are performed by qualified technicians. Call us today at 816-888-9433 to receive a quote from a locally owned and operated business.

Why Choose iRepair Kansas City for your Cell Phone Repairs

Kansas City Mobile Repair

It's simple, iRepair Kansas City offers expert replacement at a fraction of the cost. Take a simple screen replacement for example, the vast majority of consumers without an Apple Care warranty plan on their Apple device are changed more than what they paid for the phone itself, just to replace the screen.

Not only do we have the best prices around, but our service times on Apple products are impeccable. Instead of shipping your device miles away for days to weeks at a time, stop by our centrally located shop and have your product in and out the door within hours, not days.

Turnaround Times

As mentioned above, the turnaround times are your Apple product are swift; however, this does vary by the repairs needed. Call us today for an estimate on price and time, or fill out the form to get started today!