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Cell Phone Microphone and Speaker Repair

At iRepair Kansas City, we do more than repair faulty buttons and cracked screens, but also repair or replace speakers, microphones and headphone ports. We perform these services on all mobile devices, including Apple product repairs and Samsung product repairs.

In many cases speaker issues are produced from dropping or opening your cell phone. However, in some iPhones you may experience this after software updates. If you are experiencing sound or microphone issues, call us today at 816-888-9433 or fill out our short form and we'll uncover and fix what is causing your sound issues.

Symptoms of microphone and speaker issues include:

  • Your iPhone or Android device doesn't produce any sound when playing music or using the loud speaker, odds are you have a blown loud speaker.
  • Your cell phone produces a crackling or distorted sound
  • Headphone jacks no longer produce sound or work intermittently
  • Sound only produces from the loud speaker and not the internal speaker

If your mobile device is experiencing any of these issues, bring it in to iRepair Kansas City and let us diagnose the sound issue and fix your mobile device.

Why Choose iRepair Kansas City for Sound Issues

iRepair Kansas City is locally owned and operated by qualified mobile repair technicians. We have experience with all kinds of mobile devices, including Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy products.

Schedule your appointment today by calling 816-888-9433 or fill out our form and we'll be in contact ASAP.