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iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your battery no longer holding a charge or draining much too quickly? If that is the case, contact iRepair Kansas City today and we'll get a new battery in your iPhone or other Apple Product right away. iRepair Kansas City does more than screen repair, but a host of repairs to Apple products, including iPhone battery replacement.

Symptoms of a dying iPhone battery include:

  • The power display shows an X through the battery icon
  • The battery creates a bulge in your phone casing
  • The phone continually feels warm to the touch
  • The display only works when plugged in
  • The iPhone quickly dies after unplugging from a charger

And while cell phone batteries are far better than previous failure can happen, especially on older devices. Experts have said the normal life a lithium ion battery is anywhere from 10-15 months before a rapid decrease in performance. If your iPhone is experiencing any of the above issues, contact iRepair Kansas City today at 816-888-9433 or fill out our short form.

Why Choose iRepair Kansas City for iPhone Battery Replacement

No waiting days or weeks so you can mail your phone to a depot, but only hours as we keep many replacement products in stock. Additionally, take comfort in knowing you are receiving the best pricing in Kansas City and are purchasing from a locally owned and operated business.